A Two Harbors parent is upset and has complained to the school after she found a permission slip for her 11th grader to watch "The Breakfast Club" in class for an assignment.  The movie is R rated that does feature drug use, profanity, and sexual conduct.  The parent of five, Laura Smith, raised the concern at a school board meeting.

She believes that the content in the movie is not permissible conduct in the school, so she is puzzled as to why a film featuring this content would be shown in class.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, she wanted to create an open dialogue as to what is acceptable in school.

Here's a clip from the movie if you are not familiar with it.


The "Breakast Club" is a movie about coming of age and a group of students from different cliques in the school finding out they have something in common, and grow from it.  There is vulgar language, sexual conduct (although no nudity), and recreation drug use.

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