It is a nice change of pace to see a celebrity with tons of money point out how outrageously expensive something is, and Tyler Perry did just that. Apparently Perry was in Minneapolis last week for Madea's Farewell tour when he must have checked out the mini bar in his hotel, when he got a bit of sticker shock.

Now even us average people know to never use the mini bar even in a cheaper hotel because everything is outrageous, but to have a celebrity go on Twitter about it is next level. Of course in reality he was not to shocked, you know he has seen this before but I just thought it was hilarious that he made a point out of it.

No word on what hotel he was staying at, but I am sure it was very nice. The funny thing to me is that he is so rich he could probably pay cash for the entire hotel, but he is not paying $9 for a bottle of water. I say good for you, stand by your principles Tyler, makes me love this man even more!

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