Cumberland Police Issued a missing person bulletin to the public days ago and Douglas County Sherriff's office updated information on the situation.

WXOW is reporting that Police were saying Hailey Anderson was last seen leaving the Turtle Lake Casino in Wisconsin. Police say she had reported to a friend that her boyfriend had hit her and the phone call sounded "frantic" and it made the friend concerned. Then the call ended quickly.

Cumberland Police say she hadn't contacted any other friends, and that family hadn't reported hearing from her either. She hadn't even contacted her children which were odd for her, so people in her circle were concerned.

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Reports were that she was on her way to Hibbing, MN. Some people said they had seen her in Luck, Wisconsin but those reports were untrue.

WSAW reported that a red Honda CR-V, like the one Hailey Anderson drove, was found by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office near the edge of the Amnicon River, just south of Superior Monday morning, Sept. 27.

According to the report by the Sheriff, the vehicle left Highway 53 and then crashed into the Amnicon River, that Hailey had been thrown from her car and was found dead on site. Official identification has not been made but the Douglas County Sheriff is saying the woman matches the description of Hailey Anderson and so does the car.

Douglas County Sheriff's office is still working on the investigation and says an autopsy will be performed on Sept 28th (Today) for the cause of death.

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