It's easy to fall into a bit of a rut ... and before you know it, you're spending another Friday night on the couch, remote in hand.

Everyone enjoys an evening in now and then, but there's no need for it to become a habit. There are so many great restaurants, venues, events and parties in the Twin Ports. The best place to find them online is at Twin Ports NightLife's new and updated website.

This locally owned and operated website strives to be your top source for information on nightlife in Duluth, Superior and the surrounding areas. With just a few clicks, you can learn about bar and restaurant specials, live music, Bingo, brewfests, karaoke, DJ trivia, sports and so much more!

The website is designed for adults ages 18-54. According to their website, their audience is "a well educated and internet savvy niche of singles, active couples, business professionals, families, entrepreneurs, travelers, and Nightlife enthusiasts."

Of course, Twin Ports NightLife welcomes event submissions (click here to share yours!) and offers advertising opportunities to local companies involved in the area's nightlife. If you are a business owner that caters to the nightlife crowd (bars, restaurants, events, etc.) just email to learn about how you can become part of this dynamic website.

And if you're trying to decide what to do tonight or this weekend, head on over to today!

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