Urban Legends are a great way to scare someone around a campfire, but there's something about the possibility of it being true that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Check out these Urban Legends about Duluth.




  • The Ghost of Denfeld's Auditorium

    Some say a teacher was on the balcony of the auditorium and fell to his death. They say he's still around and will makes noise and mess with stuff off stage.

    There are also rumors that some kids committed suicide under the stage.

    I graduated in '09 and I will admit, it gets a little creepy in that auditorium. I've never personally experienced anything, but the one time I went below the stage I had that eerie feeling I was being watched.  Never went down there again.

    In the first clip on the video below, if you look on the right side it almost looks as if someone is standing there.


  • William A. Irvin's Ghostly Residents

    It is said that several spirits claim the ship as their home. The captain of the ship is said to still do his patrols, and mainly stays in the captains chair overlooking his beautiful ship. If you had the chance to tour the Captain's quarters, you definitely get a weird vibe.

    In 1964 a boiler tube broke and exploded killing William Wouri instantly. Some say he is still on board.  A few Octobers ago, I got to tag along with the Duluth Paranormal Society to catch some ghostly evidence on the ship. When we went down to the boiler room for an EVP session, I got an experience I will never forget. Check out the clip below, I will still get chills watching it.


  • Glensheen Mansion

    Some say Glensheen is the most haunted house in Minnesota. One morning (in 1977), Elizabeth Congdon who inherited the mansion from her father was found murdered in her own bed. Her nurse, Velma Pietila's body was found laying on the staircase.

    Screams and moaning are often heard after hours and some have even seen a white lady dressed in period clothing throughout the mansion.


  • Nopeming Sanitarium

    Stories of Nopeming has since been twisted from being an insane asylum (it wasn't) to having unmarked graves on the property.

    The Sanitarium throughout the decades was home for the ill and elderly. The doors opened up in 1912 for tuberculosis patients, where many patients died from the deadly disease.

    Both 'Ghost Adventures' and Duluth Paranormal Society have investigated the Sanitarium. Many believe the place to still be haunted.