Former rap superstar Vanilla Ice, who was on top of the pop world in the '90s, has been vocal about the current crop of pop tarts, like Justin Bieber and One Direction.

Now, he's commented on Miley Cyrus but in a totally different and unique way, by mocking her Rolling Stone foot tattoo after she name-checked him negatively in her cover interview.

Cyrus, like the elder stateswoman of pop, referenced The Biebs and Ice in her feature, saying that The Biebs could end up like Ice -- essentially, a laughing stock and a joke of the music biz.

Ice wasn't offended by the comparison, telling TMZ, "It's like living an artificial life. When the dust settles, no one can figure it out or help you but yourself."

He lived it, so he does have a point there! He knows that Biebs (and Cyrus) are on a dangerous path and only they can dictate where they end up.

still hilarious.

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