I mean, it's no Super Bowl, but I guess it's something!

The Minnesota Vikings have collected a few titles over the years. From the team with the most arrests to the best team to not win it all, these aren't exactly things to be super proud of. This one is more worthy of wearing it like a badge of honor.

The Kelce Brothers (you know, Travis and Jason...you may have heard of them) have a podcast that has grown immensely popular over the last year. It's called "New Heights", featuring the two brothers talking football and whatever else they feel like talking about.

One of the things they did earlier this month was hold a Best NFL Team Name competition and, you guessed it, the Minnesota Vikings won! What the Kelces had to say about the team was definitely something.

The path to a Vikings title

In the best team name poll, the matchups started among division rivals. The Vikings opened the bracket against the Green Bay Packers, defeating them to match up against the Lions, who beat the Bears.

The Vikings then went on to beat the Buccaneers to get into the "Final Four", which put them against Jason Kelce's team, the Eagles. On the other side of the Final Four was the Bills and Steelers.

Claiming a title

New Heights on YouTube
New Heights on YouTube

The Vikings managed to get past the Eagles (something they couldn't do to get to the Super Bowl a few years ago) to match up against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their first-ever best team name contest.

On episode 78 of their show, the brothers unveiled the winner, with both Travis and Jason seeming disappointed the Vikings won. Travis commented "Was nobody on Twitter?" after revealing that the Vikings beat the Steelers 60.6% to 39.4%.

The two went on to complain for a second about "another bad beat for the US Steel industry" before circling back to offer some kind words about the Vikings.

What the Kelce Brothers had to say about the Vikings

They both seemed pretty upset about the Vikings winning, but the two brothers managed to scrape together some kind words about Minnesota's NFL team.

Jason commented "Vikings is a good name" before Travis jumped in to say "It is -Vikings is a F***king great name, and shoutout to SKOL".

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Jason went on to say "Vikings are pretty electric, I'll give them that. And the purple? The purple is nice.

Travis offered some thoughts about playing in Minnesota, saying "[Minnesota] is a fun place to play. It's a beautiful stadium. That crowd gets f**king into it and they're not pricks, they're not a**holes, they just love some good football, baby. You gotta respect it.."

I'm glad to see Travis doesn't think we're pricks. Minnesota nice at its finest, right?

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