The cities of Duluth and Superior are working together as part of an international effort to protect the worlds waterways. Locally volunteers are needed to help clean the Lake Superior Watershed on Saturday September 26.

The International Coastal Cleanup started in 1986 and takes place in more than 90 countries including 55 states in the United States and territories. Since it began nearly 12 million volunteers have helped to clean shores around the planet.


For residents of the Twin Ports Lake Superior is a major part of all of us whether you live right on the lake or maybe take an occasional dip in the summer. It is vital that we do whatever we can to protect this great lake.

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If you are interested in volunteering you can choose your location and time to clean up. The clean up is not limited to just beaches, you can also select riverbanks ,roadsides in your neighborhood, school or park. The cleanups in urban areas of the city can help prevent debris from entering storm drains which go directly into Lake Superior. After you submit your information make sure to enter your name for prizes from some awesome local business. See prize list here.

According to Superior Telegraph: For more information or to host a site in Superior, contact Megan Hogfeldt at 715-394-0392 or via email To learn about the Alliance for the Great Lakes contact Jennifer Caddick at 312-445-9760 or

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