According to WDIO the city's Parks and Recreation Department teamed up with members of the Duluth Monarch Buddies, Shoreview Natives and Friends of the Lakewalk to plant milkweed and other native and perennial plants along the Lakewalk to help the Monarch population in Duluth.

Dan Schutte from Shoreview Natives said the Monarch population is on the decline across the globe and the one thing us humans can do is help them have a habitat on the ground. The volunteers worked on a section that was lawn turf and put plastic over it cut off the light source for the grass. then they proceeded to put compost down to prep the soil.

Schutte went on to say that the group planted flowering nectar producing plants that bloom all year long to help the monarchs pollinate.He also said that if you would be interested in doing this in your own yard you don't need a lot of space, maybe choose an area that you don't mow.

This particular spot on the Lakewalk will now be registered as an "official monarch waystation"  For more information about Monarchs and what is being done to protect them Click Here

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