So, maybe you have never heard of Ryanair before, but you may be hearing more about it in the near future because of their C.E.O. Michael O'Leary.

With the rising costs of flying these days, this is the one airline that is not pulling any punches on how they can get you from point A to point be in the cheapest fashion possible.


1. Urging flight attendants to lose weight
I thought that all airlines had a weight restriction for Flight attendants. Let me ask you, have you ever seen one on any airline that was overweight?

2. Removing toilets from planes
Not all of them, they would leave one. Boy that would be a nice line on a packed flight.

3. Offering porn onboard
Ummm mile High Club anyone?

4. Eliminating the co-pilot
That would seem a little scary, I would be willing to pay a higher ticket price to have 2 people on board trained to fly the plane.

5. Having passengers load their own luggage
Bring it, then at least that way I know my bag won't get lost.

6. Removing all the seats
I am not riding a bus, last time I checked even on short flights, you have to wait a long time to get to your destination.

7. Charging for everything
How is this any different form any airline now?

I have had a personal experience on this airline. 10 years ago I took Ryanair on a charter flight to Acapulco. I thought it was awesome first of all to see my name on a giant plane, but did seem funny to hop on a kelly green plane. Note to self, the planes are not green anymore. The flight was fine, even though service was very scaled down (see charter flights) but, all good I was heading to paradise. The flight home was another story, but that was just because I had a raging ear infection,  no airline would have made me feel better. :(  But at least I did not have to stand the entire flight.

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