2 Chainz has a nimble flow and can churn out creative bits of wordplay with the best of them. Okay, we already knew that. But many don't know Tity Boi can also throw it down on the basketball court, and he showcased those skills to the world during an episode of Kevin Garnett's new show KG's Area 21 last night (May 1), even posting up on the all-time great.

In the first clip, we see Mr. Chainz hitting a few consecutive jumpers, and looking impressively fluid while doing so. "This my favorite shot right here," he says in the video. "Let me tell you; Steph [Curry] got this from me." Swish.

Next it was time for 2 Chainz to show off his post moves. In order to showcase his footwork, Chainz requested that KG stand behind him. KG did so, and Chainz immediately began walking KG through the thought process for his move, making a few quick pivots before draining an easy floater over the future hall of famer. KG didn't contest, but still, 2 Chainz looked pretty natural pulling off the maneuver, and considering how natural he looked with the rock in his hands, you have to think he still finds time to ball.

During his time on the show, Chainz also revealed his belief that the Cleveland Cavaliers will once again advance to the NBA Finals. You can see 2 Chainz ball out a bit in the video clips below. Maybe they can distract you from the fact that Pretty Girls Love Trap Music still doesn't have a release date.

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