I have so many questions.

In visiting with one of our wonderful account executives here at the radio station, I was told about a very, uh, interesting spectacle that she witnessed while hitting the highway in Duluth earlier this month.

So, here's the scene:

It was a cloudy Tuesday evening, September 5, 2023, to be exact. It was evening commute time in Duluth - just after 5 pm, as the slow crawl onto I-35 was underway with traffic moving sluggishly due to the road construction just down the roadway from Downtown Duluth.

As our friendly account executive passed under the pedestrian bridge near the M&H gas station, she saw a wild sight.

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What did her work-weary eyes did appear? But a ghost-like figure rocking out on the pedestrian bridge! It wasn't an illusion either. She got some video.

Equipped with a red cooler, wearing what looked like glasses over the ghostly getup, and some nice over-the-ear headphones was a person dressed like someone from the Charlie Brown Halloween special rocking out.

Teri Manisto
Teri Manisto

The person went from a fierce headbang to grabbing the pretend mic stand, then going into some sweet air guitar. The video clip cuts off just as our Charlie Brown-costumed mystery person appears to start playing the drums.

Teri Manisto
Teri Manisto

What. The. Heck?

This is a pretty entertaining, high-energy 20 seconds of video. I have some questions though.

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Was this person actually going for the Charlie Brown Halloween special look, or was it just a coincidence?

Are the glasses helpful through the sheet?

What kind of headphones are those? They look pretty nice. Clearly, this person completely lost themself in their music.

Which brings me to my final question - What was this person listening to?

Based on the actions, I am guessing it has to be a rock song of some sort. My first guess is something from Van Halen. Possibly Metallica? I could be way off.

If this was you (or you know who this was), I'd love to know what you were listening to!

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