One motorcyclist got busted going over 80 mph the posted speed limit in Wisconsin. Everything was caught via dash cam and body cam.

Earlier this year in Minnesota, a motorcyclist had a terrible excuse after he was arrested for driving speeds near 150mph. You might be wondering, why was he going so fast? The excuse he gives the cops was probably not what you were thinking. The 22 year-old was traveling while not wearing a helmet in a 65 mph zone on Highway 63. Oh, and while he was being handcuffed, the man stated "because it was hot".

That same week in Minnesota, a family collided with a moose and the moose went through the windshield on Highway 53. Last week a semi-truck on Interstate 35 smashed into a pickup truck causing it to burst into flames.

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Now let's head over to the Badger State. Dash cam and a body cam from a La Crosse County deputy were released of an incident that happened over the summer. Out of a group of motorcyclists traveling around West Salem, one of them was clocked at 144 mph in a 55 mph zone. The deputy was traveling the opposite way, but immediately turned his lights on and the entire group pulled over.

The man quickly accepted his fate and told the officer that what he was doing was stupid. The 28 year-old driver given a $515 citation and received 6 points on his license. Coincidentally, the same deputy saw the same group of riders at Kwik Trip earlier in the day and told them to be safe. Check out the video down below:

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