They've been teasing bits and pieces of clips for this movie for a while now.  And now there is finally a full length trailer.You may notice that I always seem eager for Science-Fiction or Fantasy movies.  I love that their thinking steps outside of the box.  The genre's don't limit themselves to traditional thinking.

Christopher Nolan is heading up this movie.  Some of his other movies include the new Batman movies as well as 'Inception'.  If you went and saw 'Godzilla' in theaters, this trailer was attached.


'Interstellar' is in the near future when Earth has a food shortage.  Matthew McConaughey plays a father tasked with leading and piloting a ship outside of our solar system.  Unfortunately, beyond that the details are a bit scarce. However, I'm eager as it looks like the plot may have us exploring the universe outside of our galaxy.

'Interstellar' will hit theaters 7November2014.


Interstellar Movie - Official Trailer