This was pretty much my first year I've celebrated Valentine's Day.  I've really never had a desire to celebrate it.  I've always felt like the holiday should be scrapped and we should just get a second Halloween. 

However, this year I decided I would celebrate it with my significant other.  I think I did pretty good even if I do say so myself. You can see the pictures below and let me know.


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But first, I'm curious:

What did you get for Valentine's day this year?


What did you get your Significant Other for Valentines Day?


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I'll post my favorite stories and pictures online Friday February 21st.


Photo By Chris Tyler

My Valentine has a sweet tooth so I decided that I would get her something special.


After some searching, I found tons of different types of chocolates.


Instead I opted to get her chocolate covered strawberries.



Photo By Chris Tyler

Apparently I chose correctly because she was ecstatic about them.


They were great!  Dipped in both white, dark,  and milk chocolate, and drizzled with white chocolate. There were three different types in there.


One thing you don't see in this picture is that there were three missing right away.


And If she ever sees this I will probably be in trouble for telling you that.





Photo By Chris Tyler

One thing that Cooper pointed out to me, was that Valentine's Day and flowers go hand-in-Hand.


So I got her some flowers too.