The city of Duluth and the Lake Superior Zoological Society have finally reached a compromise on the future of the Lake Superior Zoo and Fairmount Park.

A concept was announced earlier today that the zoo would be renewed on a 10-acre footprint. According to city officials that is about the size of the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul. Part of the existing zoo would be converted into a more top-quality free public park as part of the larger St. Louis River corridor plan.

This new concept for the zoo would include the retention of large exotic animal exhibits, including a new, improved bear exhibit. It also would include the renovation of the primate, farm animal and main building areas, and even a new "Forest Discovery Zone" exhibit featuring regional animal species in a natural forest habitat.

There also would be a new indoor play space, accessible trails connecting the zoo and adjacent neighborhoods and will even be an amphitheater, picnic facilities and a playground.

The hope is for this plan to be developed this month and into December with a goal of going to the city council in February. I for one am excited to finally see a plan being developed. My daughters love going to the Zoo, but I feel it's not as amazing as it was when I was a kid and I think this plan sounds great. You can read the full article here and let me know what you think in the comments below of this new plan.