The storm damage to the Lakewalk in Duluth has forced one business to stay closed this summer. Wheel Fun Rentals will not be open this summer due to the extensive damage to the Lakewalk in Duluth.  Wheel Fun Rentals has rented bikes and carts on the Lakewalk for many years, until now.

With a large portion of the Lakewalk that is damaged  including North of Canal Park by Fitgers, owner Rodney Knight decided to not have the bikes or carts set up at all this year, but promises to be back summer 2019.

For many locals and tourists alike this was a great way to get around on the Lakewalk as a family or as an individual rider and get quite the workout too.  Wheel Fun Rentals has a number of sites in the Twin Cities but this was the only one they had in Duluth.

According to CBS3 Knight said in a typical summer in Duluth alone, he made a few hundred thousand dollars with his bike rentals. After both the October and April storms the city of Duluth is guessing the damage to the lakewalk is around $3 million and they have yet to assess some portions still covered in ice. Let's hope mother nature takes a break this summer and we don't have any more severe weather!







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