How do you know when it is the right time to move from your lifelong home to an assisted living community?

1. Consider not only how you feel today but the reality of normal aging in the next 6 months.

2. Typically, seniors say it is easier when you feel better and to look around and to make a plan. Don’t wait until a crisis occurs and it is determined you are no longer safe at home.

3. If you live alone, are your socialization needs met? So many thrive from seeing other people and enjoying activities and conversations throughout the week. If you are all alone at home it can become lonely.

4. If you need help monitoring medications or assuring nutritional needs are met with meals three times a day.

5. If you want security knowing someone is awake 24 hours a day in case you fall or become sick and need help.

6. If you have been diagnosed with a disease where you expect decline and want to get established with new routines, assisted livings are wonderful support systems for aging seniors in the northland.

It is a wonderful time to grow old, a time where you have so many excellent choices. So take tours while you can.

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