This was one of those instances where as a parent you need to stop and think before you just assume. Our 12 year old, Cody came running up the stairs last night in a panic, because his bike was not in the garage. 

Now he has not used it since the Fall, but his older brother has already been out on his bike a few times this year.  Right off the bat he assumes his older brother took it  and left it somewhere, which was not the case. Of course right away i say it must be at your dad's or worst case of the kids did not lock the garage and it must have been stolen.  After 20 minutes of pure panic...Cody goes back down to the basement for another look.  Sure enough his bike is stored away with the deck chairs.  Hmmmm? Who could have put his bike back there in the Fall? Ahh yes that would be me. I felt so bad telling him how he needed to be more responsible with his things, but thankfully being the super sweet kid he is, he told me no big deal he was just glad that it isn't gone.  Lesson learned, and now I am just thinking about all the other stuff I have misplaced?

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