Well, this is certainly not something we'd probably ever have to deal with in Minnesota. A police department in Wisconsin just issued a very odd warning to residents in the area about an alligator. Yup.

There have been many animal stories making headlines lately, most of them of the cute and cuddly variety. Recently, a lucky Northlander caught video of a mama moose and her baby twins on the side of the road.

Another lucky Northland resident spotted a moose in the wild near Cotton, Minnesota. The sighting happened on what looks to be a backroad, about thirty to forty yards away from the lucky person who caught it all on camera.

Sightings of cute animals happen all the time in the Northland, so we do have that. In fact, we have so many cute animals that the Washington County Sheriff's Office had to tell people to stop calling them about them over the summer.

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A police department in Wisconsin had to issue a statement about an animal lately and it really couldn't be any more different. Yikes! The Kewaskum Police Department shared this warning on Monday (September 19th).

So what was the warning about? An alligator! I much prefer warnings and sightings of moose and deer and the like.

According to their post, the department had received a report about an alligator in a local park. The tip was called in on Sunday, the day prior to their post. They shared that they teamed up with the Wisconsin DNR to try and find the alligator in the pond but did not have any luck.

Before you get too freaked out, the Wisconsin DNR says that if there really was or is an alligator in the pond, it could be a Black Caiman Alligator. Apparently, these types are raised domestically and could have been set free by its owner or escaped somehow.

The Kewaskum Police Department asks the public or those in the area to try and take a photo of the alligator if they happen to see it nearby. They want to try and "positively identify" the animal and relocate the alligator to an animal rescue.

I would not be going anywhere near that pond if I lived in the area! Ha! This isn't the first alligator sighting in Wisconsin, either. Over the summer, a group of kids spotted an alligator while swimming in a lake in Fon Du Lac County. The kids said it was about two feet long.

Anytime the weather is bad and I feel like I want to move to Florida, I am going to remember this story. I'd rather deal with a long winter than chance an alligator sighting. Although, if there are alligators in Wisconsin now, I may have to reconsider.

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