Dozens of fires across Canada are causing the air quality across the state, including Duluth, to be impacted. 

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is not issuing an air quality advisory at this time, but are reminding individuals who are very sensitive to air pollution that even moderate levels can cause health problems.

Hazy skies are expected to persist throughout the day today and there may be isolated areas of dense smoke.

And things could get worse tomorrow as winds are expected to shift and these winds may bring additional wildfire smoke into Minnesota from fires in the Central Plains. Air pollution levels are expected to remain elevated through Friday evening.

Wildfire smoke can:

  • Irritate eyes, sinuses and throat;
  • Cause coughing, headaches, or a runny nose;
  • Chest pains, shortness of breath or fatigue;
  • The elderly, children and those with lung or heart conditions are more susceptible;
  • When particulate levels are high enough, even healthy people can experience symptoms.

More information about the hazards of wildfire smoke can be found here.