Like many smaller towns that have railroad tracks criss crossing all over, it can be a hassle getting around, especially for some students.

My Alma Mater Winona State University in Winona Minnesota, is taking some big steps to help students get across the railroad tracks that run along side part of the campus. I was lucky enough to have my off campus housing away from said tracks, so this was never an issue for me, but I am glad to see that they realize that this is a problem, given some of those trains can be awfully long.

Even though the campus has grown quite a bit since I went to school there, a majority of students walk or bike to campus, and so this is a real issue. On the flip side once this is completed future students will not be able to use the excuse they got "trained!"

Train Waiting Game Over."I've never been late for class due to a train," said no WSU student ever. That's about to change.

Posted by Winona State University on Tuesday, June 2, 2015