People across Minnesota and Wisconsin have grown quite familiar over the last number of years with the company Ice Castles, and their annual icy winter palaces they construct in places like the Twin Cities and in the Lake Geneva area.

While Minnesota's Ice Castles will be following the traditional format in a new location for the 2023-2024 season, Wisconsin's experience from the company will be taking on a new name with some other differences.

What will be different in Wisconsin for the 2023-2024 season?

The same company behind Ice Castles in Minnesota every winter (and Wisconsin, up until this season) has created a new winter experience they are calling "Winter Realms".

The company will debut these new Winter Realms attractions this winter in two locations in the United States - in Lake George, New York, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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On the company's website, they call these new Winter Realms experiences "an immersive winter experience unlike anything you've ever seen". While ice will be at the center of these winter attractions, these new Winter Realms will go beyond exploring the castle of their Ice Castles attractions with a lot more to see and do.

What will be at the new Winter Realms attraction in Wisconsin?

Ice Castles
Ice Castles

Among highlights of the new Winter Realms that will debut in Lake Geneva this winter are horse-drawn wagon rides, ice volcanoes, ice slides, snow tubing, a concessions area, a Mystic Light Walk adorned with an array of colorful lights, and the Arctic Village, which will feature igloos, ice sculptures, ice thrones, and glowing tunnels, and caverns you're used to with their Ice Castles experiences. 

In addition to those features, the Wisconsin attraction will also feature a Polar Pub, which they describe as a take on European Après-ski culture, offering beer and winter cocktails you can enjoy in the pub space or while exploring the realm.

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Taking things a step further, there will also be the opportunity to rent private spaces called Arctic Alcoves, which they say are perfect for special moments like proposals or other milestones.

Where and when will the new Winter Realms experience be in Wisconsin this winter?

Winter Realms on Facebook
Winter Realms on Facebook

The new Winter Realms website says advance tickets for the Wisconsin attraction will go on sale starting December 6 at 9 am, but the attraction itself "will likely open in January", depending on cooperative weather to complete the icy and snowy elements of this winter attraction.

After opening, organizers say it will remain open until late February or early March, depending on the weather.

The inaugural year of the attraction will be held at Geneva National Resort & Club, located at 1091 Hidden Cottage Cir. in Lake Geneva, WI. This is located between the town of Lake Geneva and Williams Bay, just north of Lake Geneva itself.

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