Who doesn't love free fun? The Wisconsin DNR is giving everyone just that in the form of a couple of free fishing weekends in 2024. One of them happens to be this weekend!

Whether you've never ice fished before or maybe it's just been a while, the Wisconsin DNR's free fishing weekends give everyone the opportunity to enjoy some fishing without needing to buy a license to fish during those weekends.

The first Wisconsin free fishing weekend of the year is this weekend, January 20 and 21, 2024. The other planned free fishing weekend in Wisconsin is during open-water season, scheduled for June 1 and 2, 2024.

The Wisconsin DNR does note that while the need for a license is waived for these free fishing weekends, all other regulations do remain in place. You can see the 2023-2024 hook & line regulations and trout fishing regulations by tapping on the links.

For those who need equipment or want to learn some tips and tricks for the sport, there's help for you there, too!

If you need loaner equipment

The Wisconsin DNR has 60 different sites to get loaner tackle and other essential gear around the state. These sites allow you to borrow different types of basic gear for ice fishing and open-water fishing.

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You can see the sites and find the one closest to you here.

If you want to learn how to fish

The Wisconsin DNR has several free fishing clinics scheduled, where you can learn how to fish. You can see the scheduled clinics by searching "fishing" on the Wisconsin DNR's events calendar.

If you want to fish after this free weekend

If you end up enjoying yourself, the Wisconsin DNR reminds the public you could potentially save some money buying a license to fish outside of these free weekends.

If you are new to fishing or haven't purchased a Wisconsin license, residents can purchase a discounted First-time buyer - Welcome back resident license for only $5. You can purchase one online via the Wisconsin DNR's website.

The 10 Commandments Of Ice Fishing In Minnesota & Wisconsin

While these aren't the only rules to abide by (see your local Minnesota or Wisconsin DNR regulations, for example), these 10 guidelines go a long way toward making sure you and other ice anglers have an enjoyable hardwater experience.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper

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