The entire staff of a store in Wisconsin up and quit all at the same time, leaving a note and sign in the window as they left the store.

The team working at the Dollar General in Mineral Point, located in southwestern Wisconsin, put together some handwritten signs and a note explaining why they all quit over the weekend.

According to WKOW TV, the mass walk-out saw a total of six employees, including the store's manager and assistant manager, force an unexpected closure of the store for a few hours. The reasons cited for the group all quitting were explained on messages left behind by the employees.

A sign posted on the glass door of the Dollar General declared "We quit!" followed by some kind words for the store's customers, calling the store's patrons "amazing customers" and thanking them, saying they will be missed.

Another sign on the glass door to the store read "The whole team has walked away due to a lack of appreciation, being overworked, and being underpaid".

The staff also left a longer note, explaining their walk-out in greater detail. They explained that they "can not and will not work for a company that does not stand behind in true honest form of what they want the world to see them as."

Echoing the message on the door sign, the staff's note say they "love and adore" the customers, they felt the need to "take a stand for the community and not allow corporate greed to continuing preventing people in need of the help they need and could receive".

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The note asks for change in the company's policies, processes, and procedures and alleges the company makes claims about beliefs in supporting and helping communities the former staff feels the company doesn't actually hold.

In reference to the staff's notes about helping communities, the store's former manager told WKOW TV says she and her staff "strongly disagree with Dollar General's donation policy", which they say could be oriented toward donation of discontinued or near-expired items, rather than just throwing them out.

WKOW got a response from Dollar General, which apologized for the three-hour store closure due to the staff leaving while also saying they are "committed to providing an environment where employees can grow their careers and where the feel valued and heard".

The statement also highlighted some ways they donate to various Wisconsin organizations, including Feeding America and Second Harvest Food Bank, noting that they are required to follow donation policies from these organizations.

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