Governor Tony Evers declared a Public Health Emergency today and put an order in place that requires individuals to wear face mask coverings in any public buildings. Exceptions do apply on an individual basis.

This order goes into effect at 12:01 am on Saturday August 1 and for now is set to expire on September 28, but of course that can be extended anytime. This order requires anyone over the age of 5 to wear a face mask.

I have noticed since Minnesota requires face masks that now it is rare to see someone not wearing one versus when the city of Duluth made masks mandatory it was rare to see someone wearing a mask. Face coverings are still recommended when you are outside and to maintain social distancing.

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Some exceptions to the ordinance allow you to remove your face mask when someone is eating, drinking or swimming. Also individuals with health conditions or a physical disability are exempt from wearing a face mask. For more information on this new order click here.

Per CNN now with Wisconsin passing their mask order only 18 states are left in the United States that do not require a face mask when out in public. Three states bordering Minnesota including Iowa and North and South Dakota do not have a mandatory mask policy, so that will be interesting to see if that changes anytime in the near future.

Surprisingly, at least to me in a place like Florida where COVID-19 cases are surging the state itself does not have a mask order in place but many individual cities do. My guess is all the states will have this in place in the future to help with confusion over some individual cities requiring one and others don't.

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