A Wisconsin hunter spent 5 years hunting a huge buck that lingered in Chippewa County, last weekend he finally shot the 19 point buck only to get death threats after posting his once in a lifetime moment on Facebook.

Joshua Gawrysiak from Eau Claire got the monstrous buck on November 10th, he posted a video shortly after he shot the deer using a compound bow. In the video, you can see how big this deer is, a really beautiful animal.

Gawrysiak has started a GoFundMe page to fund a full body mount of the deer and said on the page, "This deer has got to be one of the smartest deer there ever was. This is a majestic buck and deserves a full body mount. I’m capable for getting a shoulder mount, but this deer deserves way more than that. This deer is a legend.”

When I reached out to Gawrysiak about using his photo and video, he told me about how he and his family are now getting multiple death threats. He said, "It’s what I love to do & I don’t go out of my way to threaten others. Crazy."

The Leader-Telegram has a great write-up on the history of the hunt and the deer, who they say, "showed signs of its age and living in an area in city limits — he had a broken leg, and was missing an eye. Gawrysiak believes the buck had recently been hit by a car but survived."

Take a look at the video, but be warned, there is strong language used.


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