Do Wisconsinites like frozen pizza, or pizza in general, more than the average person? I didn't think so but a video going viral on Twitter may prove otherwise.

Pizza has been a hot topic in Minnesota and Wisconsin over the years. A few years back, two Wisconsinites caused a scene at a local Pizza Hut store in Wausau. The fight started because the two, who were sharing the pizza, wanted extra cheese and felt their wish was not fulfilled.

Half of the duo ordered the pizza and returned it because it didn't have enough cheese. Apparently, the employees offered to remake it but she wasn't having it and threw it away. She returned later with her boyfriend and started causing a scene.

Another pizza-related story? A Wisconsin man was arrested at a local pizza shop in Madison after hopping up onto tables and stomping on people's food. This caused a major fight to break out, not to mention, the food was stomped on.

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I guess maybe Wisconsinites are more passionate about pizza than the average person. A tweet has gone viral regarding this very topic. A man named Michael shared a short video from a grocery store somewhere in the state.

Why is it going viral? Because it seems like the only thing the store is stocked with is frozen pizza! There is frozen pizza in the freezer section and in other parts of the store, too! There are so many different types and really, pizza as far as the eye can see.

While it is not stated where exactly in Wisconsin this video was shot, the Wisconsin resident who posted it is from Milwaukee, so that's a good bet! There is no commentary on the video, just one-minute full of the person walking around the store. There is never not a frozen pizza in sight.

I, for one, am happy about this. I remember at one point during the pandemic there was a pepperoni shortage and a frozen pizza shortage so this is really music to my ears! As of now, the video has over six million views and counting and has been favorited more than a hundred thousand times.

Speaking of pizza, if you aren't like me and like your leftover pizza heated up and not cold for breakfast, try this easy pizza hack. It will make your pizza taste just like it did when it was first delivered because let's be honest, heating up your pizza in the microwave the next day just isn't going to cut it.

Okay, now I am a little hungry. Thankfully, it looks like I can get a frozen pizza - or one hundred - in Wisconsin right now. Ha!

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