Owning a vehicle in Wisconsin is going to get a little more expensive this October. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is increasing both vehicle title fees and registration fees.

Starting on October 1st, vehicle title fees will increase from $69.50 to 164.50.  The title fee for a surviving spouse increases from $62 to $157. That's a $95 increase in both cases.

Registration increases aren't as drastic but do apply to vehicles weighing under 8,000 pounds.  Automobiles will go up from $75-$85. Light trucks will increase from $75-100.

Typically Wisconsin has been cheaper than it's neighboring Minnesota when it comes to vehicle registration, and that may still be the case depending on what vehicle you drive.

Also, the WisDOT has implemented a $75 surcharge fee for hybrid electric vehicles.  That will be paid when plates are issued or when the registration is renewed.  This will take place yearly, beginning with registrations expiring September 30th, 2019.

You can read more about all of the registration changes at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's website.

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