A TikTok user said she was fat-shamed at an all-you-can-eat buffet, where she was double charged for apparently "eating too much."

Blogger Poppy Jones shared the story when she responded to another TikToker's prompt asking for the "wildest way you have ever been fat shamed."

"I once went to an all-you-can-eat buffet. And when the bill came, I noticed they charged me twice. I questioned it and said why — and they said I ate too much," Poppy recounted.

She added in the comments section that she was at the buffet with a former partner, but restaurant employees only singled her out for the double charge.

Poppy noted she refused to pay the double fee and walked out, only paying the flat rate.

The blogger added that through a "body positive movement/empowerment journey," she is now able to "laugh" about comments regarding her weight, but realizes "others can't," which sometimes makes her "sad."

Watch the TikTok here:

Users flocked to the comments section to share times they, too, had been fat-shamed by strangers.

"On a flight a couple of years ago, old witch next to me was WhatsApping someone saying I was huge [and] the friend replied saying use them as a pillow," one person wrote.

"I had a holiday booked to go to Istanbul and my mom's best friend said to me, 'Oh to get weight loss surgery?' And when I said no, he goes, 'Why not?'" another commented.

"I posted a video on here and have had like 800 fat shaming comments... for LITERALLY riding my own horse," someone else shared.

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