With the cost of clothing and the fact that sometimes the material does not hold out very well, I stumbled across some pretty clever cleaning tricks to make your stuff last!

Here is a sample of some washing tips, to see the full list Click Here

1.) Denim- For many women especially finding that perfect pair of jeans is no easy task, so we tend to hang on to them forever. Your best bet is Hand Washing them, but that is a pain and time consuming, so they recommend turning them inside out, washing in cold water on a gentle cool cycle. Also, If possible air dryer versus throwing in a dryer.

2.)Swim suits: Whether you have been in a  swimming pool or in the ocean or lake, you should rinse off your suit in cold water the minute you take it off. Then add a tablespoon of liquid detergent to a sink filled with cool water, and swish your swimsuit round in circular movements. Avoid wringing your swimsuit, as this will prematurely damage the elastic fibers in the fabric. The do not dry your suit in the sun, it will cause fading, instead air dry inside in the shade.

For tips on how to wash your bras and underwear, check out this awesome video below: