As a kid growing up in a suburb of Milwaukee I believe I had a pretty charmed life. Being the youngest of 5 kids in a bustling Irish household that was always loud and full of laughs. My Mom was from Chicago and so their was always this rivalry between her and my dad who was a dyed in the wool Milwaukee man. It was ll in fun of course unless it came down to the Chicago Cubs vs. the Milwaukee Brewers :).

As with many parts of the country you can detect certain accents and Milwaukee definitely has it's own unique nasally one if that is even possible. I used to have a  fairly thick one before I came to Minnesota and now that I am here I catch myself doing the Minnesota stretch with words like boat and coat.

Anyhow for those of you not familiar with this great blue collar town it is located in Southern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is often referred to by people in Chicago as a very North Suburb which rubs a lot of Milwaukee residents the wrong way, but I think it is kind of funny.  So I have compiled a list of You know your from Milwaukee if you believe these 9 things.

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You Know You Are From Milwaukee If You Know These 9 Things


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