He's talked about it for a while, but now he's followed through with the promise, and players and fans are shocked at what Kirk Cousins put in his mouth.

Did Kirk Cousins Really Get Grillz?

The "Kirko Chainz" persona created by Cousins and his teammates upgraded this week with some mouth bling, adding some gold grillz to that million dollar smile of his.

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Cousins posted a photo of his new grillz on Instagram saying, "If you haven't yet found a Grillz-guy, check out Dr. Lebster. 5/5 stars! He doesn't take Kohl's Cash, but he does great work. I know [Justin Jefferson] approves."


What Do Other Viking Players Think of The Grillz?

In fact, Justin Jefferson and some other Vikings' players do approve of the new look, Jefferson commented on the post saying, "Next we got to get u some diamond ones," Vikings RB Alexander Mattison said, "#ThatsMyQB !!" and RB Cam Akers responded to the grillz addition by simply saying,  "This guy."

Kirk has really embraced his "dad vibe" and has really gone out of his way to improve the impression that he's a boring, straight-laced, guy with little to no sense of humor.

Is This a Sign That Kirk is Staying With The Vikings?

I also think this is a great sign that Cousins is planning on staying as the Vikings QB into the foreseeable future, the Vikings need to decide what to do with him as he hits free agency, they also need to figure what to do with Justin Jefferson's contract, as they are both going to demand a lot of money.

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