Hollywood is a strange, strange place. While most of the time you’re rewarded for the glitz and glamor, sometimes packing on the pounds and the ugly can earn you an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, or even all three (We’re looking at you Charlize Theron.)

Here are some of the hottest woman in Hollywood who have found themselves in some not so attractive situations.

Charlize Theron  [Monster]

Charlize Theron admits that when it’s time to get into character, she becomes obsessed. When Charlize prepared to play serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster, the blonde bombshell put on over 30 pounds, and from what it looks like – used her own hair grease as a styling tool for her sweet femme mullet. However, her commitment earned the stunning actress more than a few nods – 13 awards total for the film.

Gwyneth Paltrow [Shallow Hal]

When Gwyneth Paltrow suited up to play the role of Rosemary, she donned a fat suit and a thong the size of the continental U.S. She reported feeling degraded and dismissed the first day she wore her extra pounds saying that when she walked around in public, no one would even meet her eye. Perhaps if these people had done a double take look they would have realized they were avoiding eye contact with hot Hollywood royalty.

Renée Zellweger [Bridget Jones's Diary]

Bridget Jones  gave the world an uncharacteristically chubby yet delightfully Renée Zellweger, and three movies that the majority of men have never seen unless their girlfriend somehow ropes them into watching the dreaded chick flicks. Zellweger gained 20 pounds and mastered some British diction for this role, and somehow ended up making us fall in love with her slightly awkward and bumbling character.

Cameron Diaz [Being John Malkovich]

When we think of Cameron Diaz, we think of the ultimate beach babe – blonde hair, blue eyes, and the bikini bod of every woman (and man) dreams of. Diaz was barely recognizable in this movie sporting mousy brown hair that looked as though it suffered at the hands of a bad perm and such stylish ensembles as a turtleneck paired with a vest and stone-washed Mom Jeans.

Sandra Bullock [Miss Congeniality]

It’s a full-blown task to make Sandra Bullock look unattractive; maybe it worked in this context as the movie was about turning her hypothetical duck into a swan. The film presented Bullock’s FBI agent character, Gracie, as lacking any and all femininity and then placed her undercover as a contestant in the Miss U.S.A. pageant. While the beginning showed Bullock with bad hair, an absence of make-up and with the endearing quality of snorting while laughing – by the end of the movie she was safely back to ‘hot’ status.

Salma Hayek [Frida]

Salma Hayek is everything that a woman should be: beautiful, voluptuous, natural, and has an accent that will make your teeth sweat with every passing word. You look at Salma Hayek and think, “what could possibly compromise that pure and unadulterated beauty?” We’ll tell you – a unibrow and a female mustache. While we understand she was committed to her role, that doesn’t mean her upper lip wouldn’t have benefited from a light slathering of bleach.

Uma Thurman  [Batman & Robin]

Thurman begins the movie by playing dorky botanist, Dr. Pamela Isley. Isley wears thick horned-rimmed glasses, and has frizzy brown hair. While thought to be dead after getting pushed into a table of animal toxins and rattlesnake venom, she then comes back to life as the character Poison Ivy. She transforms into a vixen with long fiery red hair and trades in her turtleneck for a tight green bodice. Many women try to replicate this ensemble on All Hallow’s Eve, but few succeed. While Poison Ivy’s kisses are lethal, though we wouldn’t mind stealing a few from her.

Mariah Carey  [Precious]

There wasn’t anything precious about Mariah Carey’s look in this movie. Forbidden from wearing even a hint of make-up, Carey looked her age (probably for the first time in her life.) Besides a bare face her character sported a number of tweed blazers equipped with shoulder pads, and plenty of bulky knit sweaters. It’s safe to say there were no sightings of her twins in Precious, and I’m not talking about the ones she had with Nick Cannon.

Hilary Swank  [Boys Don't Cry]

Hilary Swank shook the cinematic world when she signed on to play the character of Brandon Teena, a pre-op transgender female-to-male in the film ‘Boys Don’t Cry.’ While it met critical acclaim it also met some disdain as the sexy starlet pulled off her role a little too convincingly, trading in her long locks for a shorter do (that arguably looks like the Bieb’s current haircut), and her femininity for a boyish look that consisted of flannels and man pants. Boys may have cried, but Swank didn’t – she nabbed the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Actress that year.

Nicole Kidman  ­­­[The Hours]

We’re quite certain the movie title had nothing to do with this – but the prosthetic schnoz that Kidman had to wear for her role as Virginia Woolf (more like Virginia Woof), probably took a few ‘hours’ to put on. The normally stunning Aussie beauty wore dowdy dresses, a dull brown wig, and make-up that wasn’t applied to flatter her normally attractive face. Woolf committed suicide by drowning herself in 1941 – we can’t be sure but if that’s the year they invented mirrors.