These are a few things that have almost become normal in our lives because they happen all the time. Until we really get back to normal these things have changed. They may stay this way forever.

COVID has affected our lives in so many ways and continues to change things in our lives. How many ways has COVID changed your life? Before COVID we took a lot of things for granted and didn't realize things that we would miss because of things we had to do during the pandemic.

Fist Bump

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People don't shake hands much anymore. They all fist bump or elbow hit. People are afraid of touching hands because that is the easiest way to spread anything including the

Video Meetings/Zoom Calls

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Performs Live Virtual Elvis-Themed Vow Renewals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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More video meetings and Zoom calls. Companies are saving money by having their employees meet on video cameras rather than fly to the location to close a deal. Seems like most businesses are doing that. More people are talking on video chat instead of phone calls.

Lines Are Longer

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Lines are longer for two reasons. People don't stand next to each other and social distance, but also because everyone is short-staffed so sometimes you have to wait, while you wait the line gets longer.

Things Run Out

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Grocery stores, car dealerships, retail stores, everywhere are running out of things. Sometimes the companies can't keep up because they are short-staffed. Car dealerships are out because the companies making the cars can't get parts. So many reasons why, but the bottom line is they are running out.

Earlier Closing/Short Staffed

October Job Data Shows Economic Growth, Boosted By Restaurant Staffing Ramping Up
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Being short-staffed is the reason everywhere is closing early. Some fast food places have closed the dining room, some restaurants have closed sections because they are short-staffed. If you drive around at 10 pm you won't find many places that are open to eating at. Most of the time you have to go to a gas station and buy snacks.

Work From Home

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Whether the job started that way or not there are a lot of people working at home. With technology, the way it is a lot of people can do what they love at home. There are a lot of people working from home because they have their own business. Some people have to work at their home to have child care.

Baby-Sitters Not Working As Much

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Babysitters working less. There are many reasons for this. People are not going out as much, they can stream entertainment, people have lost their jobs and can't afford child care, and Grand Parents are getting involved with child care so the parents can get out of the house.

More Home Entertainment


People are taking advantage of technology and upgrading their home entertainment. More streaming services, blue tooth speakers, better speakers, better broadband, and more things to entertain people. Now streaming services have become the norm and streaming companies are paying to make original movies.

People Aren't Sitting Together

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If you do go out most places have less seating, fewer tables, or you place farther away from other people. The movies don't sell tickets to sit together, and restaurants have less seating in their place to keep the distance.


Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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We thought Michael Jackson was weird when he work a mask. Turns out he was a wearing a mask in public. I think some people may always wear a mask just to be safe. Masks have become comfortable to see in public.

what has changed in your life the will most likely stay that way because of COVID?

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