Congratulations to the class of 2020. You've definitely had a strange year, and many of you will soon be out on your own. I remember my first few months on my own after high school. My parents did a good job preparing for me to be on my own, but I did have some tough life lessons along the way. That lead me to create this list of things you should have figured out before you go out on your own. Good luck!

10 Life Skills A High School Graduate Should Know How To Do

There you go, that's a start. Many of these things are stuff that I forgot how much I struggled with as an 18 year old leaving the house. Budgeting by far was the worst. I always blew my paycheck in the first couple of days, and then scratched by for the last week before my next. That went well into my 20's.

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A bonus list item that may come to you when you enter the workforce is to understand health benefits. If you've never dealt with them, they are very confusing. Deductibles, out of pocket expenses, in network, out of network, and more can sound like another language. Get a crash course with someone who knows more about it before you elect your coverage. You'll thank them for it.


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