As far as we're concerned, it's time to give Saturday Night Live's famous Studio 8H a facelift.

The late-night variety show will turn 42 this year, an occasion it's already rung in by adding three new cast members and seven first-time writers. It's an exciting time for 30 Rockefeller Center, and if the show's creator, Lorne Michaels, is smart, he'll keep the momentum going. If Betty White — who won an Emmy for hosting her very first episode in 2010 — isn't living proof that SNL newbies are capable of greatness, then nothing is.

While some of the show's consummate hosts will likely pop up again (Sully has probably already landed Tom Hanks an umpteenth gig), there are more than a few SNL virgins who are long overdue. That Lauren Graham has never been nominated for an Emmy is a level of despicable only eclipsed by the fact that she's yet to deliver an opening SNL monologue. And while RuPaul once appeared on the show for a split-second, an SNL hosting gig is long, long overdue — especially with a recent Emmy win considered.

Tradition is a part of of the series, but so is championing new blood, and experimenting with different types of talent. Check out 10 SNL virgins — actors, comedians, musicians and athletes — who'd make great first-time hosts, tell us who you'd like to see take the reins and be sure to tune in to the premiere on October 1 on NBC.

  • 1

    Lauren Graham

    With Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on the way, there's no better time for Graham to have her moment in the SNL sun. She's got tremendous comedic timing, and the fact that she can memorize Amy Sherman-Palladino's infamously long scripts in no time at all is proof she's prepared for lightning-quick turnaround.

  • 2

    Laverne Cox

    Someone who can handle the role of Rocky Horror's Dr. Frank N. Furter won't be thrown by much else. The Orange Is The New Black star has roots in drama and comedy, and could jump from one character into the next seamlessly.

  • 3


    Yes, technically, the new Emmy-winner appeared in a 1993 episode that Charles Barkley hosted, but it's time for RuPaul to shine solo. Drag Race is all the proof anyone needs that he can tackle complex changes, nail campy humor and draw laughs from anyone watching.

  • 4

    Simone Biles

    Barkley, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have all been SNL hosts, but women in athletics haven't had quite the same representation. Biles, who's already got a built-in fanbase, would do great things for the show, and has already proven in countless interviews that she's got natural charm.

  • 5

    Maria Bamford

  • 6

    Lin-Manuel Miranda

    In 2016, you can't mention Broadway without giving a nod to the Hamilton creator. He's won more awards than could fit in a supply closet across the past year, and would do New York proud as host. Special 18th century-themed episode, perhaps?

  • 7

    Sara Bareilles

    To most, the Waitress songwriter is exclusively a musician, but if you've ever been to a Sara B. show, you know she doubles as a standup act. She's smart, quick and has personality to spare. Plus, SNL loves a two-for-one host/musical guest combo, something she'd be able to handle, no sweat.

  • 8

    Adam Lambert

    Pop's resident showman is fearless on stage, and, with a theater background, would likely push SNL to the limits. Plus, having appeared on Glee and Drag Race, he knows what it takes to make audiences laugh (did we mention his droves of fans would likely give NBC some sky-high ratings?).

  • 9

    Jodie Sweetin

    With a reprisal role in Netflix's Fuller House and a breakout run on Dancing With The Starsthe former child star made it impossible not to fall back in love with her this year. Sweetin's a natural comedian, a quick-witted interview and has got a pleasant magnetism that could only have been honed in the era of the ubiquitous ABC mid-'90s family comedy.

  • 10

    Rami Malek

    Like Bamford, Malek brings something completely different to the table. His Mr. Robot role has been met with critical acclaim (it even finally won him an Emmy), and it's impossible not to smile when faced with his off-key demeanor. His episode would be a curve ball, and a memorable one.


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