Minnesota may be far from Hollywood but that doesn't mean we have a shortage of A-list connections. We even have quite a few of them in the Northland!

We all know the big name celebrities that are from our neck of the woods. One of the most famous examples is Jessica Lange, an Oscar-winning actress who has been in too many movies and television shows to count. She once told Rolling Stone that Duluth was her favorite place, not too far from her hometown of Cloquet.

Tied for the title of most famous Minnesotan is Chris Pratt, who was born and raised for a few years in Virginia, Minnesota, which is a short drive from the Twin Ports. He has gone on to become a massive movie star with roles in Jurassic Park and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Those are just a few of a handful of stars with ties to Northern Minnesota. Not only do some superstars have ties to this part of the state, but there are quite a few that would fit in well here. Of course, there is even one major boy band music star who was here and had nothing but praise for the most part.

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This got me thinking: what celebrities could we run into while walking down the street in Duluth one day? The chances of it happening may be slim but did we ever think a Backstreet Boy would be hanging out in Duluth? No. Anything is possible.

With that said, I did some research into what celebrities we could run into one day thanks to their Duluth or Northland connections. Take a look below:

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