Hell Yeah! I think there should be television shows turned into video games. How many more times can we save the Princess from Bowser? How many more times can we creep through basements with chainsaws cutting up zombies? And finally how many more times will we throw the controller at the tv in a fit of rage because it should've been a interception rather than a touchdown.

MacGyver would be at the top of my list and it makes THIS list as well. Imagine you are MacGyver collecting everyday household items to build bombs with. The opening credits to the game would give me chills enough to go out and by the console and game alone!

But how exactly would you play the game "Hoarders"?

The history of TV shows being turned into video games is pretty piss poor. Other than a couple cartoons such as The Simpsons and South Park, there hasn’t been really any decent TV show video games that I can think of right off hand.