The first Target store opened on May 3rd, 1962 in Roseville, MN and from that day forward they have always stocked these items, but that could all come to end very soon.

Target, like many retailers, is continually evolving, by stocking the latest trends, removing unpopular items, adding new products, and making new partnerships with other popular brands, but if one rumor is true, it could be the end of an era at Target.

Late last year, Best Buy announced that it would end selling physical media in its stores, no more DVDs or Blu-ray discs, they already got rid of CDs in 2018, leaving only Walmart, Amazon, and Target as the only remaining major retailers of physical media products, and now it appears as if Target may be following Best Buy's lead.

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Toshiba Drops HD DVD, Crowning Sony's Blu Ray As Winner In Format War
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What Will Target Stop Stocking In Store?

The President Of Physical Media, a popular source for physical media news on X, dropped a bomb last week, claiming  "Target Sources are telling me they reportedly will stop selling physical media in-store and online by 2025." If true, this would be a sad day.

Who Cares About Owning Physical Copies of Movies?

Despite the rise of streaming services, many people still like to own physical copies of their favorite movies and albums, something that can't be removed from your collection because one company is feuding with another company. Additionally, there are concerns about the quality of streaming from some purists and preservation of movies and albums that may just fade away on streaming services.

Some Target Stores Move LGBTQ Items To Lesser Seen Areas To Avoid Conservative Bashlash
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What Does Target Say About Removing DVDs?

Target has responded to these rumors, and it turns out that there is some truth to it, but not 100% accurate, a Target spokesperson told IGN that the retail giant would transition to only stocking select DVD/Blu-rays in store, like popular new releases and during popular times for DVD sales, like Black Friday. Target also points out that this change only affects DVD and Blu-ray discs, not video game releases, they will continue to stock those in store, for now.

DVD Rentals Top VHS In U.S.
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What Other Physical Media Does Target Sell?

Target has become a big player in the resurgence of vinyl, and I expect that the retailer will continue with releasing exclusive variants of popular albums, and Target also has a large book section that won't be going anywhere, so all is not lost for lovers of owning physical copies of the media they consume.

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