In the ongoing battle for your dollar, Minnesota-based retailer Target is shaking up its store offerings in an attempt to compete on another front with other big retailers.

While Target has a pretty loyal fanbase, the announcement of an introduction of a new line of about 400 new products to their store and online offerings is bound to make some current Target shoppers happy while bringing in some new customers in the process.

Meet Target's new brand 'dealworthy'

Target Quarterly Sales Down Amid Backlash Over Pride Month Products
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Stylized with a lowercase d at the front of the word, dealworthy will be Target's new "no-frills" line of products that they say will "provide incredible value" on a large variety of different types of products.

The new brand will see prices starting under $1, with most items under $10.

This new budget-minded line is pretty similar to the idea of Amazon Basics products, offering low-cost options on a huge variety of everyday products you might buy, but it also expands beyond things like paper towels and toothbrushes.

What sort of products will be offered under the dealworthy brand?

Target says they will offer "nearly 400" items under the brand as they continue to roll out products through 2024 and into the early part of 2025.

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Included under the dealworthy banner are household items like laundry detergent, paper plates, food storage containers, cotton swabs, and toothbrushes. Wearable items like apparel, undergarments, and accessories as well as health and beauty items will also be part of the offering.

Electronics will also be part of the dealworthy brand, which is where some of the prices may head above the $10 cap most items will be under. Target says some electronics items will be priced as low as 50% lower than any other brand sold at Target.

But doesn't Target already have other budget brands? What happens to them?

Target Quarterly Sales Down Amid Backlash Over Pride Month Products
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Yep, you're right. Target actually has a huge variety of store brands that range from Goodfellow to Good & Gather, and Heyday to Market Pantry. Of greatest interest in the budget conversation are their store brands Up&Up and Smartly brands.

Both Up&Up and Smartly squarely fit into a sizable portion of the categories mentioned above. So, what happens to those brands?

CNN reports that Target will be phasing out the Smartly brand, saying it "never really commanded the attention of shoppers".

As far as Up&Up goes, CNN reports Target plans to redesign this brand and give it a slightly higher price point with the upgraded "higher quality standards" that would command slightly higher prices.

Target highlighted the upgrade for the Up&Up brand by pointing out a number of improvements to specific products like "stronger food storage containers" and "improved toothbrushes" as well as new scents for household and bath & body products.

Basically, think of Up&Up as "upscale budget".

Changes to both the Up&Up brand and the addition of dealworthy products will be rolled out between now and the early part of 2025. Products will be made available both in stores and via Target's online shopping platforms.

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