Warner Bros. has announced that starting May 1st, they will stop shipping all versions of the classic 'Wizard of Oz', all except the 70th anniversary 2-DVD set, which will be available until October.  After that, no more Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion or Dorothy and Toto.

But don't worry they will be back soon, bigger and better than ever for the 75th Anniversary, which happens in 2014. Expect new DVD's and Blu-Ray's to start rolling out again in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Warner Bros. told 'The Hollywood Reporter', "2013 will see the re-launching of The Wizard of Oz franchise in a multi-platform, unprecedented rollout that will include new and restored formats with major sponsorships and branding, as well as massive media support,”

The 70th anniversary edition DVD sold 2 million copies, so expect the relaunch to be big and capture the imagination of a whole new generation of kids.

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