Fall of 2015 promises to be a particularly beautiful one as the weather has set up great conditions for vibrant fall colors this year. Val Cervenka of the Minnesota DNR (via the Fargo Forum) says that while shortening days and temperatures play a significant role in how great a leafspotting season will be, moisture is also a major player. Specifically, dry or drought conditions can lead to less stellar seasons.

Cervenka says the good news is that most of the region is not in a drought situation, (beside a small stretch along the North Shore) which will improve the odds of a vibrant fall colors season. The other major factor that helps are warm, sunny days with cool nights that are warmer than freezing. Weather-wise, it is still a little early for that to be happening consistently, but a few trees are already starting to react to the shortening days and cooler temperatures.

A lot can change in the weather forecast, with a hard freeze or particularly dry conditions suddenly cropping up that could change the forecast. While it is hard to predict that, things are setting up nicely so far for a great season! Here's the average fall color peak seasons from the Minnesota DNR:

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

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