It's been a banner year for snowmobiling in 2019. A lot of the older crowd of riders are saying this year was like "the good old days." There was plenty of snow, excellent trail conditions, and cold enough weather that we didn't have to worry about an early thaw. This last weekend we went out riding one more time. While some people we talked to were hoping for another weekend, I don't think it's going to happen.

We rode from the Park & Ride on the North Shore State Trail from Martin Road on Saturday morning. We went north for a ways up to the Yukon Trail and back around to Hugo's bar in Brimson, then down to the Pequaywan Inn and back. It was a 100 mile trip and the trails were in surprisingly good condition at the start. By the time we got back in the afternoon, that sun had done it's damage and we were finding a lot of bare spots on the trail. We even had some low spots that were knee deep in water.

I heard from some others that further up the North Shore Trail there were slushy and completely submerged sections of the trail. With temps this week reaching 50 degrees, I think it's ok to say goodbye and thank you to the Winter of 2019.  Local groomers have already said they are done, and we might just have a few days left of trails holding up. Byt his weekend they will be toast. Here's hoping for next year to be another snowy one!

Thanks to all the volunteers at Local Snowmobiling Clubs for keeping us up to date on trail conditions, clearing trails, grooming trails, and keeping us safe. It was a special year.


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