Today we found out what happened to Jacob Wetterling, and the details are hard to read, but the family has the answers that they've spent every day for the last 27 years looking for.

In 1989, I was 13, just two years older than Jacob, and his disappearance changed my view on the world, all of a sudden the world wasn't as safe as the day before. There was always some fear when I would get on my bike and ride to a friend's house, could I be next?

And now, nearly three decades later, I see this case through the eyes of a parent, and I can't imagine the pain and the suffering that the family has endured. But I can now also understand the unconditional love that would drive a parent to spend every minute of every day searching.

If it weren't for the hope and the drive of the Wetterling family, especially Jacob's mom Patty, that Jacob would come home alive some day, I'm not sure that Jacob would have been found.

I hope that this can bring the family some peace and that we can all learn how to protect our kids better, as I'm not sure that we are doing all we can at this point.