It seems to me that the Canal Park 'Slip Bridge' is always in need of repair and being closed for one reason or another. So I purpose we get rid of it and replace it with something a little more reliable or at least more fun.

  • 1

    The AirKick Water Catapult

    Throw some tourists across the gap that are in a hurry to catch the Vista with this innovative way to cross the water, the AirKick human catapult.

  • 2

    Underwater Roller Coaster

    Running late for a hockey game at Amsoil? Jump on the new Slip Coaster, the most thrilling way to get from Canal Park to the DECC complex.

  • 3

    A Blimp

    This may be over kill, but I think a blimp would be much more reliable than the current option but parking this mammoth solution may be a problem.