Duluth hasn't experienced cold temperatures like this since the late nineties, temperatures hit an extreme -22 below Monday morning in Duluth when we decided to try these three experiments; freezing bubbles, making apple juice popsicles and freeze frying an egg.

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    Freezing Bubbles at -22 F

    We found that the frozen bubbles were not brittle, but flexible, with some lasting several seconds rolling on the ground. This would be a fun experiment to try with a bigger bubble wand, but we're in no hurry to try again.

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    Freeze "Frying" an Egg

    You've had them scrambled, over easy, boiled, but have you ever had an egg that has been "fried" in extreme cold? I hope not. We didn't eat it, but we cracked an egg in a pan and freeze fried it.

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    Making Apple Juice Popsicles

    This is the tastiest of our experiments, we had to raid the DJ fridge (scary place) for some sort of liquid to freeze, behind Chirs Tyler's protein shake and Jeanne Ryan's Rockstar, we found some apple juice. Cooper got his Martha Stewart on and made some little popsicle sticks for freezing, but how long will it take?

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