You've probably heard by now that temperatures are about to dip into the 30s for daytime highs to end October and start November in the Duluth area. If you're like me, you probably briefly shivered at the thought, then went along with your day, knowing it has to happen sooner or later.

Well, then I went to look at a more detailed forecast and realized that those forecasted 30s don't tell the whole story. It's going to feel an awful lot colder than that!

Being it's been a while since you've had to think about wind chills, here's a quick refresher on what that means. When cold air combines with a wind that can carry away your body heat, the air can feel colder than the air temperature is. While some people and weather apps call this the "feels like" temperature, the technical term is "wind chill".

When are wind chills set to hit the Northland?

Evaporation from the mouth in winter

So, technically "wind chills" are a persistent thing all year long. On a hot day in the summer, a "wind chill" makes it feel a little cooler. When things get cold, that's when it becomes an issue.

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Looking at the latest forecast from the National Weather Service, We'll see wind chills dip into the teens starting as early as Saturday (10/28).

While the daytime high in the forecast for Saturday is around 35, breezy conditions will see wind chills at the warmest part of the day in the mid to upper 20s, with wind chills as cold as 14 degrees during the morning and evening!

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Those wind chills will persist into Sunday, getting as low as 11 degrees Sunday night, and continue and hang around into Monday and Tuesday.

Elsewhere around the region things could get even colder yet!

How cold will wind chills be on Halloween in the Duluth area?

From what the National Weather Service is forecasting as of the time of this post, Tuesday morning will start with wind chills as cold as 13 degrees, "warming up" to around 22 in the afternoon, then sinking back down to 11 degrees by Halloween night.

Bundle up!

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