The weather is a regular water cooler topic for Minnesotans - and it should be, considering the extreme conditions we can brag about surviving every year. To support your latest round of weather water cooler discussion, here are the official coldest temperature and wind chill readings from the National Weather Service for today (so far).

Coldest Observed Wind Chills for Sunday and Monday

(Between Sunday night 01/26/14 and Monday morning 01/27/14 at 10 am)

  1. Grand Marais Airport: -55
  2. Hermantown (1 mile NNE): -51
  3. Cloquet (1 mile S): -51
  4. Chisholm-Hibbing Airport: -50
  5. Duluth: -50
  6. Cook: -50
  7. Orr: -50
  8. Grand Rapids: -49
  9. Palmers (2 miles WNW): -49
  10. Chisholm (3 miles S): -49

The "warm spot" this morning was Kinfe River, where the wind chill was only -11. See the full list of official NWS wind chill readings here.

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