3OH!3 are about fun. It’s evident in their lyrics (which are often about partying and girls), their videos (which are always pretty hilarious) and even in their choice of collaborators (including crunk king Lil Jon, candy queen Katy Perry and party princess Kesha).

The Boulder, Colo. natives aren’t just about fun, though. While Sean Foreman and Nathaniel (Nat) Motte don’t take themselves too seriously, they are, in fact, pretty serious about their craft. While their penchant for partying takes a large role in their songs, the making of those tracks — a distinctive blend of pop, punk, dance, hip-hop and humor — is almost all business. In fact, they recorded their upcoming record, ‘Omens,’ by themselves in Motte’s studio.

PopCrush caught up with composer and multi-instrumentalist Nat and chatted about everything from ‘Omens’ to Obama. No, seriously. Grab a red cup and find out what you can expect from 3OH!3’s new record, what they have in common with Kesha and the band’s whiskey of choice.

You sound sleepy.
Yeah, I just woke up. I went to a rave party last night at home in Colorado. I got home pretty late.

You guys like partying. Do you think it’s because you’re from a college town?
Hmmm. It’s sort of chicken and the egg with that. Sean and I liked to party, so we went to school to party – and growing up we both loved going out, especially to house parties. Boulder’s a really cool place to uh, socially blossom.

Speaking of partying, from ‘You’re Gonna Love This’ to ‘Hungover,’ alcohol seems to be a pretty recurring theme on ‘Omens.’ Do you guys have a go-to beverage?
We’re mostly whiskey dudes. We like whiskey, usually on the rocks, nice and cold. We tend to go more for Jack than Jameson.

Watch the 3OH!3 ‘You’re Gonna Love This’ Video

That’s something you have in common with Kesha! Did you guys have fun collaborating with her?
Oh man, Kesha’s great! She’s awesome. Really awesome.

Did you guys both cite Jeffrey Dahmer in your songs on purpose?
She has a lyric about Jeffrey Dahmer too? Really? What song?

In ‘Cannibal’ she sings, “Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner / Yup, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.
Ha! That’s awesome. Sean came up with the line in ‘You’re Gonna Love This.’ They’re both a lot of fun. That lyric cracks me up every time.

Out of Lil Jon, Kesha and Katy Perry, who was your favorite collaborator?
Kesha is just great. She and Katy Perry write a lot of songs for other people too, so it’s cool to learn more tricks. But Lil Jon is awesome. We idolized his stuff, so getting to work with him was amazing.

You guys are known for having pretty hilarious lyrics. How do you guys come up with them?
We actually outsource all our lyrics. Sean and I don’t actually write anything, honestly … Haha, I’m just f—ing with you. Sean does the bulk of lyric work, the lion’s share of it. I write a bit too, but a little less. Sean grew up with a hip-hop background and with hip-hop battles, and that helps him come up with stuff that’s super clever.

How’d your appearance on ‘Hellcats’ go? Was it weird having Ashley Tisdale sing Kesha’s part of ‘My First Kiss?’
Oh man, it was so cool. Ashley’s awesome – she was really, really nice! The experience was crazy, too. It was our first time on a television set, and everything – from the level of production to crazy huge crew. It was 16-hour day, too. It was an awesome experience on one random day we had off from tour.

Watch the 3OH!3 ‘My First Kiss’ Video Feat. Kesha

Who are you collaborating with on ‘Omens’?
It’s actually just us. We don’t have too many features for these songs. We did 90 percent of this record in Colorado, hunkered in my studio with my head down. It didn’t leave much room for collaborations, which is good in a way. We wanted to get back to just Sean and me on this album.

You’re doing a European tour this fall. How do international crowds compare to domestic ones? Does your sense of humor ever get lost in translation?
We have great shows all over, really. Sometimes I think in Japan and Brazil, certain lyrical content kinda gets lost, but usually the overall feel is translated fine. We really love going abroad, especially to the U.K. The radio and live shows are really, really good to us there. Going to Brazil was a whole new experience for us – that place is nuts. I think the Japanese culture is really respectful — there’s more of a courtesy there than we’re used to here, so it’s pretty different.

And now from foreign to domestic affairs — can you give us the backstory behind the Obama ‘You’re Gonna Love This’ video? It’s hilarious!
That was almost all Sean. We wanted a visual to go along with ‘You’re Gonna Love This.’ We actually just finished filming the real video, but we wanted something to accompany the song in the meantime. Our friend Isaac from helped with it, and it just cracked us up when we watched it.

Not getting political – this is purely in terms of a fun night out — would you rather party with Obama or Romney?
Maybe Ann Romney. And I have a sort of celebrity man crush on Obama.

And lastly, your new album is called ‘Omens.’ Do you know any creepy little kids?
Ha! I’m actually around them a lot. My mom’s side has a huge family, so there are always creepy little kids around. Really, really creepy little kids.

Listen to 3OH!3, ‘Do or Die

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